About Your EMDR Consultant

Carolyn and EMDRAA

After using the EMDR Emotional Eating protocol on myself, I became a healthier more photogenic me.

  • Carolyn is an EMDRAA accredited consultant, being accredited in 2012, when it was first internationally mandated as a component for basic training. She was reaccredited in 2017 after an exhaustive process. 
  • Carolyn is a facilitator at basic training for EMDRAA approved trainers.
  • Carolyn provides consultation hours for practitioners to complete the training component of ten hours consultation.
  • Carolyn  presented treating emotional eating as an addiction with Robert Miller's FSAP (Feeling State Addiction Protocol) at the 2013 EMDRAA EMDR and the Treatment of Addiction conference in Sydney before developing it into a group protocol which she shared at the 2016 EMDRAA conference. 
  • Carolyn conducted a series of six week workshops during 2016 and 2017  with people to overcome their emotional eating. 
  • Carolyn ran a workshop at the 2015 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference, "Body Blame: Treating Emotional Eating with EMDR Therapy", and spoke and displayed posters at the Obesity conference and Stop Domestic Violence in 2015.   
  • Carolyn was a Director of EMDRAA from 2008 to 2014.


FAQ about accreditation from EMDRAA's website


  • Between 2014 and 2017 Carolyn coordinated and hosted a monthly EMDR peer support group in Canberra for over 70 practitioners. She maintains contact and several practitioners have proceeded to accreditation with her assistance.
  • Carolyn provides consultation to experienced EMDR practitioners to achieve EMDRAA accredited practitioner status face-to-face and over the internet, individually and in groups. 
  • "EMDr education is only the beginning of the learning process. Once formal training is complete, it becomes the responsibility of all therapists and researchers using EMDR to continue to upgrade their skills through on going practice, supervision and consultation with more experienced practitioners." (Shapiro. 1995:pa.385)
  • "the integration between theory and practice in EMDR is primarily driven by EMDR clinical supervision and consultation. Therefore clinical supervision in EMDR is arguably one of the most important in relation to developing and maintaining therapeutic competence in EMDR" (Farrell 2013)

About training to run groups to treat Emotional Eating as an Addiction using EMDR therapy

  • Carolyn developed an EMDR group protocol for working with emotional eating as an addiction. 
  • This has also been used for hoarding and other behavioural addictions. 
  • In 2016 and 2017 Carolyn  trained EMDR therapists in this protocol in Echuca, Canberra, Brisbane and Auckland. It is important that practitioners use it with individuals prior to working with groups. 
  • Carolyn is developing this into an online course during 2018.